]project-open[ has proved to be the right tool for the purposes of milengo.

Roman Kotzsch and Adam Blau, milengo

About milengo

milengo is a 2nd Generation (2G) Localization Alliance providing localization, engineering and testing solutions to the IT industry with production offices in 16 countries spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia.

On our way finding the right tool

In early 2006, the company needed a new platform that could integrate its global project management (GPM) and quality assurance (QA) systems. This platform should be able to expand technically and flexibly to meet the needs of our growing clientbase.

milengo's technical group analyzed six web-based project management systems - applications already developed and provided as an out-of-the-box solution - and considered developing and programming a new application from scratch. The chosen solution was ]project-open[ because of its open-source structure. While the program did not exactly meet milengo's unique requirements, the open-source structure allowed our engineering staff to tailor the package to milengo's unified production workflow within just one month and 80 hours of development time.

The initial implementation included the launch of the financial module for invoicing and purchase order issuing. milengo plans to launch the second rollout after carefully customizing and implementing the fileflow functionality within ]project-open[ . For milengo, it is critical to maintain and develop an extremely reliable workflow to ensure safe conditions in a complex production environment.

With GPM Centers in three continents and engineering and desktop publishing facilities in Eastern Europe and Asia, milengo takes full advantage of efficiency opportunities in a globalized business environment to serve its worldwide clientele. These resources allow us to offer highly competitive solutions that are only possible with a safe and reliable automated production platform. To achieve this, ]project-open[ has proved to be the right tool for the purposes of milengo.


CONTACT: adam.blau@milengo.com

WEB: http://www.milengo.com

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