Using ]project-open[over the internet helps business owners to focus on their business activities while we handle the IT support role.

It reduces IT staffing requirements and ensures predictable implementation and management costs based on pay-as-you-go subscription service basis. Since no installation is necessary, customers gain benefits more quickly.


Standard Professional Platinum
Price 49,- € /
145,- € /
395,- € /
Setup Fee 0,- € 0,- € 0,- €
Disk Space 1 GB 2 GB 10 GB
Database Storage unlimited unlimited unlimited
Transfer Volume 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
]po[ Standard Installation
]po[ Reporting package
]po[ Freelance package
Users included* 5 10 20
Software Updates
Backup System daily daily every 8 hours
Database Backup daily daily every 8 hours
Included Support Hours (e-mail) community
1 2
System Monitoring
Hot Standby    

* See FAQ below: "How are users counted?"

  • Each additional user +9.95 €/month, rebates apply for accounts with more than 15 users
  • Each additional GB transfer volume: +9.95 €/month
  • Each additional GB disk space: +9.95 €/month
  • FTP or encrypted e-mail backup (daily) to a server of your choice: +39.00 €/month
  • Secure HTTPS: +9.95 €/month


Frequently asked questions

Please click on the question to see the answer:

Besides the packages also available in the free version of ]po[, the following commercial packages will be available within our STANDARD offer:

For Translation Agencies:

For a complete List of packages pleaese refer to:

At any time you can move your data to local ]po[ installation. Charges apply for the preparation of the data.

Only users that are part of the group "Employees" are counted. There are no limitations regarding the number of clients, freelancers etc. you manage with ]po[ nor are there limitations for number of users logged in at a certain point in time (concurrent users).

You can add additional user anytime and pay just 9.95 € . User rebates apply for high volume accounts, please get in touch with us.

]po[ hosting solutions are designed with full security architecture in mind.
We continuously follow-up relevant security bulletins of OpenACS and AOLServer and react to security issues immediately.

Like in the on-premise version as well you would need to install GanttProject in order to benefit from a richer user interaction features. Other than that no additional software is required.

You can either have your DB dump sent to you daily or weekly in an encrypted e-mail or have it copied to an arbitrary ftp server of yours. This is an additional service, see the order form below for pricing.

  • Disk Space: Space available for all files uploaded using the "File Storage" components of ]po[
  • Database Storage: All data entered into ]po[ about projects, users, companies, etc.
  • Transfer Volume: Internet traffic that is generated by loading ]po[ pages and up & download of files.

The minimum term for all contracts is 12 months. Please get in touch with us if you plan to cancel your contract before that period.

Hosting fee is due 6 months in advance.

Servers are located in Data Center in Europe/Germany. The machine connects to the internet backbone network with broad high-speed glass-fibre technology.

Support is given during all working days (Monday - Friday minus bank holidays in Spain) during working hours 9:00h – 18:00h

Yes. You'll be granted administrator permissions and will be able to edit all ]po[ relevant parameters.

To ensure a high level of data security, FTP/SSH access is not permitted. Please consider running our product on a dedicated or virtual server at a Internet Service Provider of your choice. For your convenience we offer installation & maintenance services

Please find a sample contract here

Please get in touch with us if you have further questions.


Order Form

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]po[ Standard
]po[ Professional
]po[ Platinum
FTP or encrypted email backup (daily) to a server of your choice


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